Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Nights of Restaurant Hilarity

On Thursday and Friday Yvonne and I ate out at Harvey's and Swiss Chalet in Aurora.

Thursday, Yvonne printed a coupon for a free Harvey's Original Hamburger with the purchase of a burger topped with Canadian backbacon. It was a darn good filling deal of two burgers, fries and Pepsi for less than ten dollars. That was until we got home, flipped on the computer, opened the web browser and (Toronto Star's website) had this headline: "Linked to Harvey's, E.coli cases spread." Well doesn't that make a delicious meal deal into a stomach turning life flashing before your eyes experience. Of course we clicked on the link to read the story. We quickly scanned the article and were relieved to find out it was only the Harvey's location in North Bay that was affected. At this point, however, I wanted to know the name and whereabouts of the Toronto Star's online headline writer whose name would be changed to "mud" for giving me a coronary.

Side note: I go back into my Internet web browser's history to find the link and the fabulous crew at have changed the headline and updated the story.

Fast forward to Friday night. Yvonne and I headed to Swiss Chalet. We brought our previous visit's receipt along with our verification code that we received after completing the restaurant's online customer feedback form. With the receipt and the verification code, we were entitled to a free appetizer of soup, salad or perogies.

We had a good meal even with mess ups. Apparently at this location on that night, the restaurant's attention to detail seemed to be lacking. The worst part it wasn't just one thing it was two! But nonetheless the meal was good.

We ordered:

1 Quarter chicken dinner dark meat with side salad and a MULTI GRAIN ROLL. A glass of water.

1 Quarter chicken dinner DARK MEAT with fries and a white roll. A PEPSI.

We received from the kitchen:

1 Quarter chicken dinner dark meat with side salad and a WHITE ROLL. A glass of water.

1 Quarter chicken dinner WHITE MEAT with a white roll. A PEPSI

We were billed by the waitress:

1 Quarter chicken diner dark meat with side salad and a multi grain roll.

1 Quarter chicken dinner dark meat with a white roll.

1 Perogies, free.

But funny enough, I wasn't billed for my Pepsi despite the waitress bringing it quickly after I ordered and, halfway through the meal, refilling it!

You would think Swiss Chalet would have mastered the art of figuring out chicken orders as they've been roasting chicken for over thirty years. The attention to detail on this visit was absolutely hillarious. But at least the meal was still enjoyable and slightly discounted (i.e. FREE PEPSI!) despite the gaffes.

Thanks Harvey's & Swiss Chalet for a good two nights of entertaining eating.

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