Sunday, June 01, 2008

2008 Aurora Street Sale

Today brought the annual Aurora Street Sale, also known as "the World's Longest Street Sale on the World's Longest Street." Again the event was a success as thousands crowded Yonge Street in Aurora from Murray Drive to Wellington Street.

One of the things I learned, from the Powerstream booth, was how to calculate how much it will cost you to operate something on your hydro bill. An example of this would be:

1. Multiply the watts displayed on your appliance by the number of hours it operates per year to get watt-hours.

2. Divide by 1,000 to get kilowatt-hours (kWh)

3. Multiply by $0.10 to get the estimated cost in dollars.

So for example, a sixty watt lightbulb operating eight hours a day everyday would cost $17.52 a year to keep lit. This is especially important when calculating how much a thirteen watt bulb CFL equivalent would do if it replaced the sixty watt lightbulb ($3.80).

The only downfall to this years street sale was the overcast skies which are quite evident in this year's pictures:

Looking South from Wellington Street

Looking North in Aurora's Downtown
Delayne Drive rockin'in front of Aurora United Church
Looking South from Tyler Street

Looking North from near Church Street
Looking North from Murray Drive

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