Sunday, March 30, 2008

Where do they find drivers like this?: PART 2

On Wednesday March 26th the same thing happenned again at Richmond Hill Centre on my morning commute.

This time, however, I couldn't prevent the idiot driver (this time on VIVA bus # 5153) from pulling out as he had already pulled out and was on his way to Highway 7. He was at least two minutes early leaving Richmond Hill Centre.

So I waited the 12 minutes for the next bus to arrive. We got packed on like sardines on this one. I pointed out the problem to the driver of this bus that every Wednesday the idiot driver ahead of him races from stop to stop in order to get to York University as fast as possible in order to read his newspaper. This means the next driver is left to pick up the pieces of missed connections and upset passengers who get crammed onto the next bus. This driver on the later bus called his supervisor and explained the problem on his cell phone.

Once we arrived at York University, I pointed out to the second driver who the idiot driver causing all the problems was. A Veolia Supervisor showed up about a minute later and I explained the problem to him and that every Wednesday this occurred. I also pointed out that the rest of the week everything worked fine.

The Veolia Supervisor then talked with bus driver who had called in the issue on his cell phone then boarded the bus to talk to the idiot driver. After a chat with the driver for five minutes he disembarked the bus and came over to me.

The Veolia Supervisor said to that this guy would be tagged to be watched for the next little while and that issues like this would be taken care of.

I replied, I hoped so as it seems lately the only way for Veolia to resolve issues, even with their own drivers, was to go to the press (that even was reported nationwide!). I said that this driver was has a chronic issue of leaving stops early but, as far as I knew, this was the first time it had become such a major issue of missing major connections like the one at Richmond Hill Centre between two major VIVA lines.

The supervisor replied that this issue would be taken care of.

We will see next Wednesday at Richmond Hill Centre at 6:55 A.M. whether this problem will be taken care of or not.

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