Saturday, March 15, 2008

Being Sick Stinks

Being sick stinks! I was off work Thursday afternoon and Friday. I had to leave work on Thursday as my stomach felt like it was doing somersaults.

I visited the doctor at the local walk-in clinic who looked in my nose and throat and then did some poking and prodding of my midsection. He confirmed what I thought, I had the flu. He said I would be ill for a couple of days.

So I stayed home Thursday afternoon and Friday "to veg" with my aching muscles, stomach rumblings and the like. By Friday afternoon I felt decent but tired. My stomach was thinking about recuperating.

I think I'm doing well recuperating because of my faith in my belief of how to solve cold symptoms might also work for the flu. It did! Thursday, Friday, and this morning I had orange juice, milk, water and chicken noodle soup. Sure at first my stomach didn't like the Orange Juice. But I believe in the power of vitamin C to resolve "body bugs"that keep me down. Milk? I find regular milk helps to sooth my stomach and eventually helps the bones feel less achy. Of course water helps to rehydrate and my mother always served chicken noodle soup whenever we were ill.

The above also adheres to the Doctor's advice: drink lots of liquids and stay away from everything greasy. So far the I've adhered to both, but the greasy thing might bite the dust on Sunday. My stomach is fine today with some bran flakes and a vegetable sandwich from Subway, but tomorrow night for dinner I might try some hamburgers to see how well it goes.

As of today, all I have left are some aches in my back between my shoulder blades. But I believe curling up early tonight for a good rest should be help to resolve this issue so I will be fit as a fiddle tomorrow.

But nonetheless, I HATE BEING SICK

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