Sunday, February 10, 2008

Pure Pizza in the Tummy!

On Saturday for lunch my girlfriend and I headed over to The Pure Pizza Company (located at :
15420 Bayview Ave in the Zellers/Sobey's plaza
) for a Saturday lunch. We arrived at about 1:00 P.M. for lunch. We were ones there for lunch. However, this should not be an indicator of the either the service or the food!

I had the San Vito personal pan pizza (pizza with sliced tomatoes, basil and oregano) with as side Ceasar Salad. It was very well presented on a decent sized plate. It was marvellous! I, of course, washed the it down with a glass of Coke.

The waitress, of course, wasn't that busy, so we received decent service. Why wasn't this place more busy you might ask? Pure Pizza is more of a dinner destination. On most Friday and Saturday nights this place is usually lined up out the door.

But the secret to this place appears to come at lunch when the same good food is offered (even at better lunch specials!) without the line ups.

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