Saturday, December 08, 2007

Just a nice dinner at Jonathan's

Last night, my girlfriend and I headed out to dinner to Jonathan's Fine Food in Aurora.

When we entered the restaurant the two of us were seated quickly. We read over the menu and our waitress came within five minutes to inquire about our drink order. Another three minutes passed and our food order was taken. Ten minutes after our order was taken our food arrived and our server double checked to see if there was anything else she could get for us. Great and timely service is what I've come to expect from Jonathan's.

The food was good to. Everything was neatly prepared in a decent sized portions. I left the restaurant feeling quite content and not hungry or wondering what I got for money.

The Souvlaki dinner was well prepared and is one of the better ones we have had in the Aurora. The Chicken club was interesting considering it was served on a keyser bun instead of using bread. This was a pleaseant surprise as I was expecting the sandwich to be made out of either white or whole wheat. The sandwhich came with a bottle of ketchup and mainaise so the patron can add as much or as little of these two condiments as they wanted. Nonetheless the club sandwhich with fries was well prepared and presented.

The bill came to just over $23.00 and was delivered relatively shortly after our server came to clear our plates off after our dinner.

We most definately will be returning as both of us know we can rely on Jonathan's for good food and service.

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