Saturday, October 13, 2007

Death of a Blog

No, Michael's Blog isn't going to the grave....this posting is not about this blog.

With that out of the way.....

Blogs seem to die for several reasons.

1. The Blogger has finished with the Blog's concept. Steven has done this with Toward Jerusalem blog. Steven though has continued on with contributions, like myself, with The Art of the Rant and his other main blog Outside the Box. Steven was just finished debating his own ideas in Christianity in modernity on a continous basis. However, on his own blog postings on this issue appear once in a while.

2. The Blogger simply doesn't have the time or abilility to blog anymore. This can head into two directoins. The first example is Snaars who was forced to put his blog on hold due to personal issues and Huricane Katrina in 2006. But once Snaars was able move and resettle into a new job the Blog back up and running again.

Another way a Blogger simply doesn't have time to blog anymore can be found at Glenn Garnett's Inside the Sun. For a short time Glenn Garnett was the Editor-In-Chief of the Toronto Sun newspaper. In his blog he gave the inside scoop of what it was like to put together a major Canadian newspaper. However, Garnett was recently promoted within the Sun Media chain of newspapers to the position of Executive Editor in Chief of the chain's English language dailies. Obviously, with Garnett's new position, he will no longer have the time in his daily workday or the ability to blog from the position as Editor-In-Chief of the Toronto Sun. This is basically because his new job will take up more time. As well, Garnett is simply not the Editor-In-Chief of the Toronto Sun anymore. So, it seems, the blogs days are over. For that reason, I will be removing this blog from the "Blogs of Interest" catergory from the sidebar of my blog.

There are probably more ways that blogs "bite the big one". If you can add to the two above examples, please do by commenting on this post.

Sometimes it is sad to see a blog "kick the bucket". Some of the blogs I read become part of my daily routine while others I check once in a while. I will miss Garnett's daily insights into the Toronto Sun. I used to read this blog infrequently throughout the week to see what the Sun editors were up to and why they made that decision. I will most definately miss the blog after the blog's death.

Blogs are also like maturing people like Steven's old blog, I read it occasionally, but I don't miss it as much because he has continued on in his other blog. In that case I just think his blogging matured and he had to transition into a new blog. Like a human, Stephen had finished one phase in his life and moved in.

Snaars is also like a human, Snaars needed time to take a break in order to re-evaluate life and then get back into it and begin blogging again.

Blogs die for different reasons, but hopefully the blogs that do die, they will rest in peace forever on the internet in order to be reminisced and refound again by former readers in the future.

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