Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vacation and your doing what?

Throughout this past week I notified my cohorts at work that I would be away on vacation this coming week. The usual question:

"Where are you going on vacation?"

My simple reply is: Don't really have anything planned for a vacation. But perhaps with this week off I will do day trips around Toronto.

I also have timed the vacation to allow a friend of mine to move into my apartment. So hopefully we can get this person up and running in Canada after living for three years in New York City. Bank accounts, health cards and other such administrative amenities need to be done. Since this person is new to the Toronto area I will need to help in locating these items. So timing my vacation in this way allows me time to assist.

Also, day trips around Toronto are quite interesting to do. This allows visiting of various festivals (i.e. the Beaches Jazz Festival), places and museums in the Toronto area. I haven't been to some of these places in years. Plus, with my Ontario College of Teachers card I can get into a lot of these places with free admission!

Besides, why does one have to go some place on vacation anyway? People always complain there is never enough time to do everything. So why not take a vacation to slow down regular life and have zilch planned.

I love being spontanious. So perhaps one day I will clean my living room entirely. Another day I might want to check out the morning paper to see what is going on in the city that day and go out and visit a jazz or other type of festival. Yet another day I might just want to take in the CN Tower or other type of attraction. Who knows what I might do. With a planned vacation this is just not possible.

So I will try an "unplanned" vacation this week. Perhaps, in a future post, I will let you know how this experiment of a vacation idea went.

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