Monday, July 02, 2007

Happy Canada Day Fireworks

Aurora's Canada Day Fireworks Display

Unfortunately the fireworks display went longer then ten minutes. Unfortunately? Well because Youtube has limited videos to ten minutes or less, I was unable to upload the entire film footage to the web for your perusal.

Originally I thought the 100 megabyte limit was tough considering my camera films in avi format (translation: sucks up lots of memory per minute of film). I usually fix this by importing it into Windows Movie Maker, which I did this time as well.

However, when I went to upload the sixteen minute video, I noticed the restriction of maximum ten minutes of video. I then had to re-edit the movie again in Windows Movie Maker. ARGH!

So my apologies for Youtube being ornery and uncooperative in showing videos over ten minutes. They claim it is to protect copyrighted videos from being uploaded. But in effect it blocks fireworks displays and other similar shows filmed like mine to be forced to either be shown in two parts or be severely edited to fit within the ten minute time frame.

Nonetheless, enjoy the show!

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