Sunday, April 01, 2007


It is commonly known not to put labels on people. Labels like "retard", "idiot", and others are considered regressive. However, please feel free to label a bad driver an "idiot." That seems to be fine. Otherwise, to label someone an "idiot" is not preferred.

So why did use the word "labels" when coming up with a way to categorize blog entries? However, it should be pointed out that "labels" are used in our lives to categorize items on an everyday basis. People label categories when forming budgets like "salaries", "office supplies" and others. So apparently it is fine to label things but not people. Therefore, since Blogger is labeling posts, and not people, it must be fine to use the word "label"

With that in mind, I've spent quite considerable time this weekend labelling the posts on this blog to make it easier to search and read by topic. I will enventually go through all of the three hundred plus posts and label them all. So watch out for the labels because labelling things seems to be the thing to do!


  1. Thanks Jack!

    It was fun to write something fun about something new on the blog without having it seem boring.


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