Saturday, March 24, 2007

Chapter 20: Union Station

In case you are wonderin' what is going on with this here.

Joe Fiorito tells the stories of the people who are travelling workers. No, not business professionals or politicians travelling on all expensive paid business trips or for conferences, but people who are on the road almost every day of the year for their job. Examples of these travelling peoples are carnies and truck drivers.

After reading this chapter, the question is "What would it be like not to have a true home to return to every night after work?" This question arose thinking that travelling workers never know where they might rest their head from week to week. Also, how does one live out of their suitcase every day?

Following a vacation, I can't wait to get home and unpack the suitcase, but travelling workers never get to do this on an ongoing basis. The carnies that travel around assembling, operating and taking down county fairs never get a true place, besides a trailer, to call home. How do they do this?

Most people make fun of carnies as being "weird" or "out there". This is just what these carnies personify at the carnival. But lets remember these "weirdos" never get a place to call home on a permanent basis. Let's also remember that carnies may be thrown out of work during the winter months as the carnival season tends to dry up when the snow flies.

Travelling workers who put on fairs and the such should be commended for bringing entertainment to our areas while sacrificing time with their families and struggling during the winter months to make ends meet financially.

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