Monday, September 04, 2006

Retail densities in...Aurora! - Retail densities in NYC

So a while back while I was in New York City I did a little thing called "retail densities in NYC" which to a look at how many retail locations of various chains were within 5 miles of my then location in Downtown Brooklyn (Brooklyn Heights).

So I decided to revisit these totals with a comparison to Aurora.

Problem: Canadians do distance in metric whereas the Americans are do distance in miles. So with 5 miles equalling 8 and change kilometres I decided I would use either 5 miles or 10 kilometres depending on the website search preferences.

So here are the results (in same order as previously posted here) from my current Aurora location:

Starbucks: 2 locations

McDonald's: 7 locations

Dunkin Donuts: 0 locations.

KFC: 5 locations

Barnes & Noble: 0 locations

K-Mart: 0 locations

Swiss Chalet: 5 ( doesn't allow for distance searching).

Tim Horton's: 20 locations

Second Cup: 4 locations

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