Saturday, July 29, 2006


Finally I have found Ontario strawberries!

Since May I have been looking at my local No Frills store for fresh Ontario strawberries. Sure year round they stock Ontario Apples and other produce. But I wanted strawberries from Ontario!

I could find strawberries flown from California, but not a short haul basket from a local Ontario strawberry patch.

I also have visited a local Loblaws store in Richmond Hill and struck out there as well.

But thank goodness for the Aurora Farmer's Market where, this morning, I picked up a basket of fresh Ontario strawberries!

Why did I want the Ontario strawberries as opposed to the California ones? Simply the fresh juiciness of strawberries is lost once you start refrigerating them and transporting them miles upon miles.

Sure I am all for free trade, but sometimes free trade just doesn't work. In this case fresh Ontario strawberries is required and nothing else will do.

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