Sunday, July 02, 2006

Feeling Old

I took in another Blue Jay game this past Friday evening. The Blue Jays beat up on the Philadephia Phillies 8-1 in this game. The game was far from interesting.

What I found interesting was the ages of the players. I watched the player descriptions on the jumbo tron as each of the Blue Jays came to bat. Back in the 1990s and earlier most of these players seemed much older than me. Not this time around though.

When Vernon Wells came to bat in the first inning I noticed something strange. He was younger than me! Mind you Wells was not that much younger than me though. But nonetheless Wells and another Blue Jays player, Aaron Hill are both younger than me and played that day.

But not all was lost on myself in the age department. Earlier that same week the CN Tower turned thirty years old. So I didn't feel that old. I am younger than the CN Tower at least. I also noted that most of the people in my place of employment never saw Toronto without the CN Tower completed. Yes, I work with a lot of young people around my age which is great!

I notice that older generations tend to figure out where they were and how old they were during world events. People reminisce about the old times of the past and how great they were. At the Blue Jay game there were four boys who were around ten years old talking to one of the other fans behind me. I got thinking of the past Blue Jay games I had been to. Fridays at the Blue Jay games are "flashback Fridays" where, during the game, they show past Blue Jay accomplishments on the jumbotron before the game and between innings during the game.

I realized, during my own reminising of past Blue Jay games I had been too, that these four boys sitting behind me would never know the experience of sitting in Exhibition Stadium to watch a baseball game. I remember the lake breezes blowing through the stadium as players like Ernie Whitt and Willie Upshaw threw the ball around. I also remember my father explaining to me what was going on on the field. I also remember Fred McGriff hitting homeruns into the outfield. These boys will never experience this great baseball of Blue Jay yesteryear.

I also am more cognizant of how I seem to compare my own age against the world events. The above is are just examples of local events that I compare my own and others ages to. I find that I am comparing my age more and more to the events and things going on around me than I have ever before.

Does this mean I'm getting older?

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