Monday, May 08, 2006

Making Dinner

Last night I was making spaghetti for dinner. Everything was going well. The water pasta was boiling away on the stove while next to that pot was the tomato sauce simmering along.

Once the pasta was ready I drained it as I normally do in the calandar. I then dumped the spaghetti onto a dinner sized plate. Next, I turned off the stove burners and retrieved the simmering tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was added to the spaghetti.

I was hungry looking at this fine steaming concotion of spaghetti. I picked up the plate and piveted to my right and stopped. However, the spaghatti never did stop and ended up on the kitchen linoeum floor.

I learned three things really:

1. Spaghetti can be slippery.
2. Spaghetti is hard to pick up off the floor and put in a garbage bag.
3. Linoleum is hard to spell (not to mention say!).

The moral of the story: Sometimes it is just better to eat at Harvey's instead.

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