Thursday, May 04, 2006

2006 Census of Canada

2006 Census of Canada

I had a bright yellow envelope in my mailbox today. THE CENSUS HAS ARRIVED!

I was worried that because I was living in my new apartment that my existance might go uncounted. I was also worried that if I failed to receive a census and, thus, did not fill one out, I might end up IN THE SLAMMER!

It was nerve racking. I didn't want to screw it up because the form looked very similar to the income tax form. It is well known how that the taxman always forces those to be paid. So I wanted to make sure I was counted properly or I might face the wrath of the Census man who will make sure I am counted either the easy way or the hard way. I hate to imagine what the hard way is! It sends shivers down my spine.

But fear not, I filled out the form and mailed at the local post office right away. It is in the hands of Canada Post now. Wait, the way Canada Post has lost and/or missedplaced packages that my employer sends out I should be concerned that I might not be counted and may have to face the wrath of the census man. OH THE HORRORS!


  1. Michael don't forget to tick off the infamous box. You know the one that allows the government to publish the results long after you are dead.

    Don't let census Canada erase our history.

  2. Done!

    I literally took two minutes to fill out the questionaire.


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