Sunday, April 23, 2006

School Scope & Wasted Legal fees: New York City Department of Education Edition

School Scope

One of my favourite columns I love to read is in the local paper out in the Rockaway's of New York City. Turns out the City of New York's Education system hasn't changed since I have left.......

Furthermore, I have learned that more than 50% of the Canadians that were international teacher's to New York City to start in September of 2004 didn't renew their work visas. Source? Just let me tell you the "legal beagles" in New York are astounded at this one.

There are litterally thousands of dollars worth of wasted work visas being sucked up by the New York City Department of Education's international teaching program instead of this money being properly directed to the classroom. More than half the international teachers recruited by the New York City Department of Education teaching program leave within their first year of teaching. So the unit ends up going back out jetsetting around the world in search of more international teachers to fill the needs. The people who work in this unit sell the life of New York City. Why only the life of New York City? Because nobody in their right mind would work in the chaos that is New York City Department of Education.

I should have known, if New York City can't attract enough domestic teachers to teach in the city, why would they go to foreign trained teachers? Because foreign trained teachers are more willing to take the abuse in order to obtain their American green cards.

Apparently I was smart to return to Canada. Where people don't stab you in the back like the New York City Department of Education does. Want proof? See the complete story here.

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