Sunday, April 30, 2006


Michael's Blog

I decided on Saturday to do some renovations on this blog. It had been bothering me off and on for a while on how dark my original choices of colour scheme was on the original blog.

I had chosen the original blog layout based on the blues in order to match my original website's colour scheme (which was newish at the time for the website).

But the dark navy blue background bothered me. I had attempted to try and offset the dark blue by using white in the main posting section. But the dark background still bothered me. I played around with the existing setup by changing the various components colours. But nothing seemed to work.

So I merely chose a different template from's myriad of choices. Why choose from Blogger's choices and not create my own? Simply, when it comes to technological coding from scratch, I am useless! But I am pretty smart at decoding existing html language and molding it into what I need (which if you view the source on this blog might give a computer programmer a heart attack). So voila here it is. The New Michael's blog!

The new blog maintains the blues from the original website (which I am currently also renovating as well) and makes the blog more readible by removing the dank dark background and enlarging the text somewhat from before.

Don't worry, the original website will continue to exist and expand under the " banner" using the existing framed pages. But some of the older material will be updated as well reformatted to use the current newer colour scheme and layout.

Once that is complete I intend to start adding more expansion to include my teaching lesson plans, more pictures from both New York City, Toronto, Aurora and other places.

So stay tuned! There is more to come!


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