Saturday, December 24, 2005

Very Busy couple of Weeks!

I nearly had to jump up on the televisions I was demoing for Philips on Friday morning as the doors opened at the Markham Costco. Those people are crazy! I did however end up surviving two long weeks of working straight for SPAR Canada as both an administrative assistant (my regular job with them) and as a product demonstrator for Philips at The Bay and Costco. I enjoyed my time learning about the products Spar merchandises for.

However, I am still unsure how the people who work regularly day in and day out in retail stay on their feet all day. They just don't stop!

I also provide a couple of random observations from these past two weeks:

1. Note to drivers: Not a good idea to cut off a fully packed 60 foot bus full of people so you don't get stuck behind it.

2. Let the bus back into traffic, it is the law! Besides the sixty of us on the bus might start driving instead of taking the bus which will only increase gridlock even worse. Think about what an investment holding less than ten seconds for the bus to pull out is!

3. Note to Police: Please start enforcing number 2 above. It is the law and there never is a cop to be seen!

4. If we start enforcing traffic laws like number three above, there might be an increase in ridership on buses. Why? Because some of the turkeys will be off the road as they finally have lost their licenses!

5. Know where you are going before taking the bus! Don't stand and debate with the driver while sixty of us wait to get home.



  1. I was in costco just before Christmas getting Michelle's major gift and you are right it was a zoo.

    In defense of car drivers though I have almost been hit by more than one bus driver that doesn't seem to get the concept that it is impossible to yeild to a bus that pulls directly into you without looking or signaling.

    I watched the other day when a bus tore the bumper off a parked car, and the bus driver bitched because the car was parked in a bus lane.

    Okay fine he shouldn't have been there but grinding his bumper off really wasn't a good idea.

    So how did you go from Coldex to Spar?

  2. Bill, long story on your final question. Will e-mail you later.



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