Friday, December 02, 2005

Random Thoughts & Musings #3

This being the first week of the Canadian election I bring you a run down of blogs and other indescribable things that are covering the Canadian election both serious and humourous (sometimes it is hard to tell the difference).

1. We start off our merry adventure around the internet on the issue of a Canadian election with our tongues planted firmly, yes I do mean firmly, in our cheeks with the musings of both the Conservative & Liberal leaders courtesy of Rick Mercer.

2. On Tuesday, the first day of the election campaign, Stephen Harper was asked if he loved Canada by a reporter. Harper blathered on and on...

"Well, I said Canada is a great country. You know, all of us who get involved in public life spend a lot of time away from our families to go across the country, probably get in many ways the most rewarding experience you could have, you know. It's not tourist travel, you don't see all the hot spots and all the great sights but you get a real sense the kind old and the of traveling I've done, especially the last seven or eight months, you get a real sense of Canadians, where they live, who they are and what their challenges are. And I think the country has unlimited potential.That's why I think it would be so exciting to take over at this point in our history. But I think it's necessary to make a change if we're going to realize that potential."

Note to Steven: A simple yes would have done. In true political doublespeak Harper provides a classic example of why most Canadians can't stand politicians. They just don't get the point! Nuff said!

3. If things couldn't get any more crazy during the election, the Liberal Party has hired a former humourist of the National Post to ride on the big red festive campaign bus and write useless blog entries. As Paul Martin's speechwriter, I would have expected a daily explanation of what the hell Paul Martin is standing for instead of trying to explain what the Liberal's opposition stands for. Yet another problem of politicians, knowing what the other stands for, yet not telling you in succint terms what they stand for. Nope...the speechwriter just writes about UFOs and how Paul Martin doesn't want to be seen on the side of a bus with a swelled head. Well perhaps Martin and the rest of the leaders get their swelled heads down to size and release their full election platforms and start campaigning on what they believe in. That would be a change over the past couple of elections.

4. Former Toronto Sun humourist Gary Dunford covers the issues that matters to Canadians most during the election campaign, what the leaders and voters think during this election campaign and which leader shows us they love Canada the most. Message to Steven Harper, Dunf shows you how you might show you love Canada! Are you taking notes?

5. Privacy has reared its ugly head again. Sony has recently been hit hard because of its use of anti-piracy software that, even Sony music admits, can be hacked to harm computers running the software. Michael Geist, an internet law professor at the University of Ottawa, notes the latest on the issue and what New York and Texas State governments are doing to ensure Sony is held accountable in this case. Geist points out a very real problem "With thousands of Canadians likely affected (if you are one, I'd like to hear from you), Canadian authorities can no longer sit on the sidelines." So my question is, what does each party plan to do in order to ensure Sony and the other companies follow Canadian law in this case?

6. The local riding of Newmarket-Aurora is a very interesting one indeed. Former Conservative and now Liberal Cabinet Minister Belinda "I crossed the floor because I have principles" Stronach is going to face the heat. One question for her, as a cabinet minister responsible for "democratic renewal" (or whatever bureacratic bafflegab her role is), what have you done on this file to move? Also, if I were to vote for you in this election, will you remain a Liberal and in the federal Parliament as the Newmarket-Aurora representative until the end of the next term? I hope so, otherwise Stronach might become an NDPer then a Green Party candidate or even returning back to papi and hugging the tailpipe of a new car at MAGNA. Watch for more coverage on the Newmarket-Aurora Stronach controversy in the media.

7. Stephen Harper has at least taken the idea of releasing his platform in straight terms this week. Everything from how he would handle the same sex marriage issue (have a free vote in the House of Commons on the issue), taxes (cut the GST to 5% over five years and making transit passes tax deductable) and set standards on healthcare waiting times. The Liberals have nothing really in response to say. Sure they said the cut to the GST is bad policy, but then wasn't that bad policy in 1993 when the same Liberals proposed eliminating the same GST altogether? Talk about "calling the kettle black".

8. Rick Mercer's fun with the current election campaign continues....

9. To finish this posting on a festive note. Q notes on his blog two cases of politicans fighting over a Christmas trees. Yup, the old ugly argument over what to call the tree and if the tree should be real or not. How about we just ban everything this holiday season. Yup, everything from Christmas/Festivus trees, Menorahs, christmas lights, tinsel and the such? That way nobody would be offended. That would only ruin the ability of the challenge to federal party campaigns to decorate their election signs in a festive fashion. Anybody have pictures of federal election campaign signs decorated for the holiday season? Please post links to pictures in the comment section to this post.

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