Sunday, November 20, 2005

Why do the slow ones always work on Sundays?

A wonderful adventure today to Upper Canada Mall in Newmarket. But first I had my birthday on Tuesday and received a gift card to Chapters in Newmarket. Along with that card I had a 20% off coupon valid only for November 20th. So I set off in the afternoon to go book shopping and then for a little lunch. I browsed the new book section and then the history section to see what was worth looking at.

I hesitated at first on one book, considering it was worth $40.00 Canadian. But in the end, after the 20% off and the gift card I ended up getting The Google Story. The book, after the discount and card value cost me only six dollars. Pretty sweet! Something to read on the bus on the way into work! A book review of this book may appear later on my website.

After Chapters, I walked north to Upper Canada Mall in hopes of having a Whopper Combo from Burger King. However, I gave up on that. I gave up on that considering there was one person working the front and one at the grill. It took the two of them forever to serve a simple combo to second person in front of me. The person in front of me paid by Interac (debit card to my American readers) and had to rip her own receipt and put it on the counter like Burger King usually does. The guy had to be reminded what she ordered. The person in front of me even had to bag her own order. At that point I rolled my eyes and left. I headed to the food court and New York Fries where there was some line, but they were properly staffed to move us along at a reasonable speed. By the way, how come there is no New York Fries in New York City? Kinda weird eh?

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