Saturday, November 12, 2005

Elvis Stojko in Kung Fu?

Elvis Stojko showing off his Kung Fu
Photo: Courtesy of the Toronto Star
Apparently Elvis Stojko has picked up another sport quite easily. Stojko, former Olympic medal winner in Men's figure skating, has placed 2nd in a world Kung Fu event.
Who would have thunk it? Placing well in two sports? Anybody else besides Stojko and Deon Sanders ever do it? Deon was that great in baseball (never made the All-Star Team) if I can remember.


  1. Stojko's actually been into the martial arts for a long time. Even when he was skating.

  2. It wasn't an article, it was in their photo archive. I can't find the photo anymore. Therefore I can't find the photo in its original context. The photo in the blog is linked from the Star's website address, but is just the original document with no text.

    Best of luck.


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