Saturday, October 08, 2005


What am I thankful for?

The eternal question that always comes up this time of year in Canada (in November in the United States).

Traditions seem to live on from year to year. Thanksgiving is always stuffing yourself with turkey and asking "what are you thankful for?" Next is Halloween and watching the children and those wishing they were still younger than 10 run around looking for sugar, er....candy. Then comes Christmas and the usual trees with lights and prayers for snowfall by December 24th. Following christmas is everyone's favourite, getting drunk on champagne on New Years Eve. Every year, year in and year out.

So back to the present time...thanksgiving.

What am I thankful for?

My time in New York City last year. I had left looking to start my teaching career and dissapointedly had to return to Aurora after being screwed by the New York City Department of Education over. However, I am glad I went down there to check out another city. Seeing Harvey Fierstein & Andrea Martin on Broadway, Yankee Shea Stadiums during games. Also, visiting the beaches of both Rockaway, Coney Island/Brighton Beach and Jones are amongst the top highlights of my time in New York. I also have a larger appreciation for the public transit system of a large city.

I am also thankful for Aurora. I love returning to Aurora no matter what. I always feel comfortable here with the people I know. There is just something about this town that is welcoming no matter what condition you are in.

I am also thankful to Coldex and others who have welcomed me back with employment and moral support.

I also am thankful for the future possibilities that may arise, whatever they may be.

What more do I have thankful for? Everything!

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