Friday, August 26, 2005

Wrappin up the last week that was...

So last week I went home. I got to visit quite a few friends in Aurora as well as see my family in Aurora and my brother in Toronto.

I still remember hearing from my mother who said my Dad woke up in the middle of the night and said "my God, they are all home!" That was because all three Suddard children were now under the same roof. This doesn't happen that often any more since my brother lives in Toronto and I in New York City.

My sister is the same old bubbily self, yet she is becoming like my mother, very busy doing things!

As far as friends, I got to visit some from my days working at the church. Also I enjoyed being asked how things were going in New York. It was also kind of funny to hear that one of my friends was in Hoboken, New Jersey (accross the Hudson River from New York City) while I was in Aurora. Apparently we switched places for the weekend.

I also got to do some extensive bike riding while in Aurora. I loved wizzing down some of the sidestreets in south Aurora. This brought back many a childhood memory of just setting out to go on an adventure in order to see what was going on in town. I practically biked everywhere!

Well, gotta go, to all of those I saw and didn't see in Aurora I will miss you guys until the next time I am in Aurora!

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