Sunday, August 28, 2005

Take That!: The 3rd Annual Central Park Film Festival Presented by Bloomberg

The 3rd Annual Central Park Film Festival Presented by Bloomberg

So I went back last night to Central Park for another movie experience. Except, as mentioned in a previous post, I was smarter and did not bring soda cans.

However, this time my roomate and I did not get there an hour early to get seats. We almost paid dearly for this since 99% of the bleacher space was taken. So we cruised the blanket area where you can spread a blanket to sit on the ground. I had my beach towel in my backbpack. We spread out the towel with our backs to some metal crowd control gates. We sat there behind the VIP seats in front of us. The VIP seats were filled with associates of the film Little Manhattan which was seeing its world premiere that very night. In other words Little Manhattan was that nights movie which started at 8 P.M.

Shortly before 8 P.M. the two people next to us moved into the VIP area and had seats. My roomate soon followed suit as the lights dimmed in order to start the introductions. Most of the main cast members were introduced. Really the only person I recognized was Cynthia Nixon because my roomate has somehow gotten me interested in Sex and the City.

Anyway we watched the movie from "primo seats" as if we were important. I thought to myself about halfway through the movie that I had finally gotten the last laugh over the soda (pop) can fiasco from the night before. I was sitting in with the production, sound and others who were associated with the movie for its world premier.

For those interested in the movie itself, it is not bad and is well worth the wait for DVD. Would I visit it in theatres? Nope, a romantic comedy about a first childhood love is not really my cup of tea, but at least the price was right (FREE ADMISSION with popcorn...which I took two boxes for myself...hhahahahahahahaha!).

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