Thursday, August 18, 2005


I just got back from the U.S. Consulate in Toronto. I had hoped to go down and get my work visa for next year stamped so I could cross the border at Buffalo a little quicker in order to help out my father (who is driving me) who is a little rushed this coming weekend.

Well you see I couldn't do that because I have yet to pay the "SEVIS" fee. What the heck is the "SEVIS" fee you ask?

I had to call New York City and the Department of Education's immigration lawyer to figure out what a "SEVIS" fee is. The lawyer said the $100 fee is to pay for the new database implemented in order to process the work visas. However, I could submit the receipt form to the Department of Education in order to have it re-imbursed.

So now I have wasted half my day going down and back to Toronto for absolutely nothing. Why? Because apparently the Department of Education's lawyer didn't hear about the fee until last week. However, I am slightly frustrated because the fee was implemented less than a month from the time I left for the United States last year.

In this situation, one can only scream and move on.


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