Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Campers test the waters

New York Daily News - Boroughs - Campers test the waters

I came accross this interesting story while reading the Daily News newspaper here in New York City. What an educational experience these students were having in one location. Think about the possibilities.

1. Science: Water quality testing and ecology in the East River.

2. History: the history behind the pollution of th East River and the river's gradual improvement over time as industries have closed or improved environmental practices.

3. History: Brooklyn Bridge and how it was built.

4. Science: The science in suspension bridges with two of the world's more famous suspension bridges within eyesight and walking distances (Manhattan Bridge is nearby as well as the Brooklyn Bridge, both have been used in movies). An added bonus is there is an education display halfway across the Brooklyn Bridge explaining how the bridge was built. The Brooklyn Bridge is also a U.S. Civil Engineering landmark.

The fact these kids were so interested in visiting these bridges again probably would not have been possible if they learned about it from the textbook.

What an interesting way to get kids interesting in the their local areas and interested in the way things work.

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