Sunday, August 07, 2005

Aurora United Church website.....WHAT HAPPENNED?

Aurora United Church

One thing that has started to irk me is my church's website from back home. The website is well set up and has won many awards. However, it is in serious need of updating content wise. For the past couple of months only the announcement section has been updated consistantly. Sure the church secretary stays on top of the calendar function. She's great at that ("TWO THUMBS UP!"). But it wasn't her job to update the rest of the site. What happenned to the webmaster?

As a member who has moved far away from the church I used the website to catch up on the going ons of the church. However, the newsletter hasn't been updated since March and the announcements sometimes take a couple of weeks to update.

Back in the day for this website, the announcements went up the Saturday before the Sunday service. It was great because I thought this would encourage people to download the copy from the website instead of picking up a paper copy on Sunday morning.

I especially appreciate it because I live in New York City. The church offered to send me the newsletter on a monthly basis in the mail. I declined because I could save the church printing and postage costs by merely downloading the online edition. But, alas, the March newsletter is the last edition to be posted.

The website was a great tool to not only keep current members in the know, but also let prospective members see what the church was about. It was also a great tool to double check meeting times and dates that you had written down somewhere and couldn't find.

Sadley, this great resource has fallen into somewhat behind. However, I have recently talked to someone who said that there are plans in the works. I wait with bated breath for updates.

But until then, I am slightly irritated that this great resource is being underutilized. What happenned?

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