Sunday, August 14, 2005

Aurora Media has gone mad!

Since I was last home in December (in Aurora that is), the media that serves Aurora has gone mad.

First up, The Era-Banner newspaper which was normally delivered Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays to my home has now apparently stopped being delivered on Sundays. Sundays were my favourite time to read the local paper. Why? Because the Toronto Star Saturday edition I would have plowed through or needed a break from. So I usually turned to the local paper. Also, the Sunday Star usually is a bit boring and magazinish in nature. For some reason I never liked the Star's Sunday edition. But without the Era-Banner it just seems missing. The weird thing is that the online edition of the Era-Banner is updated every weekend, yet no paper copy is being delivered. Weird, maybe they stopped printing a weekend edition and decided to go online. Or may there is a problem with the distribution system. I would suggest the latter since the Sunday edition usually had sufficient advertising to support the paper for years. But who knows.
The old CKVR station (or the New VR) is virtually no more. Now we have the "A-Channel" serving us. This is basically the New VR with a paint job. Basically everything in the editorial department is the same including the reporters and news anchors. I haven't watched this channel in ages so I cannot comment on if the show line up has changed for the better or worse.

However, the biggest dissapointment is that the web camera for downtown Aurora is no longer found on A-Channel's website like it was on CKVR. There used to be a feed from the corner of Wellington & Yonge Streets in downtown Aurora. I used to cruise by the webcam images when I missed Aurora. An example of what the New VR used to provide on their website can be found on an old blog posting here. Hopefully the A-Channel will provide the images online again in the near future.


  1. All the NEW VR RO etc.. channels are A-Channels.

    I guess Moses Z wanted to give his empire a facelift?

  2. Or Moses could no longer call these channels "New" so he had to call them something else. Isn't there a time limit you can call a product "new" legally?

  3. Update: No Era-Banner Newspaper all week to our house in Aurora. Interesting considering this paper normally publishes 3 times a week.


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