Monday, July 18, 2005

Taking the subway because you can...

This morning I grabbed a book and headed outside to the subway. I just wanted to get away with a book and head wherever I wanted. In New York City I have several places I like to read a book including Central Park and Bryant Park.

I thought about going to either of the above and just rejected the idea. I thought to myself, "why not take a subway line all the way to the end and back?" I always saw on the 4 line that "Woodlawn" was the last stop on the 4 line. So I took the train to Woodlawn in The Bronx. Underground I simply read my book. Above ground I got to see the passing neighbourhoods including Yankee Stadium. Not a bad trip at all.

I even finished the book I was reading. I might even try out another subway line this afternoon as well. I have another two books left for the summer that I must read (because my new principal assigned them for summer reading).

Also, this plan gets me out of the opressive heat that New York City is currently in. That is pretty good considering I don't have air conditioning at home.

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