Thursday, July 21, 2005

Music! Music!

I went out the past two nights with my roomate to two music concerts.

The first, the Washington Square Music Festival, was a classical music concert meant to be held in Washington Square Park. However, due to the heat & humidity and possibility of thunder storms the concert was moved indoors to an auditorium at NYU. During this free concert we heard everything from Mozart to something written by one of the people actually performing that night. It was a very cultural night. I might be at their next performance on July 26th at Washington Square Park to hear their final performance of the festival season.

Last night, the second performance I attended, was at Madison Square Park. It featured some African origin music which I didn't recognize the language to. However, I did enjoy merely stretching out on the grass for a while with a good book. A very restful evening last night.

All in all, I am enjoying some time off before the big move to my new apartment here in New York City.

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