Saturday, July 02, 2005

Just when things were falling into place...

I recently posted that everything was falling into place nicely.

Well they still are, but some speed bumps have come up since that post.

First, on Wednesday night I received a phone call from the Assistant Principal at Sheepshead Bay High School saying my job had been cut. I was absolutely livid and didn't know what to do.

So I set a deadline of July 15th, when we are planning on signing our new lease, of finding a new job. I got up the next morning and by ten A.M. I was going off for an interview for an English position at a middle school. To say the least, the principal and I exchanged questions and answers together. She loaded me up with books for summer reading and summer courses to take. Off I went with gusto. I have since finished reading the first book. In case you are wondering...I GOT THE JOB!

So now I have a new apartment, a new job to look forward to (barring any paperwork hinderances) and am ready to move forward with attaining certification in New York State as a teacher.

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