Friday, July 08, 2005

It's Raining Paperwork!

Hurricane Cindy has rumbled through New York City today. Ok...not rumbled since it was never a hurricane but just barely a tropical storm. So I have been taking my umbrella with me wherever I go.

I went to the Region 8 headquarters on Livingston Street in downtown Brooklyn today to ensure all the bureaucratic paperwork had been taken care of. Well, long story short, I was told last week everything was fine and there shouldn't be a problem. However, I was a little edgy considering I had done the transfer process once before to Sheepshead Bay High School with Region 4. So I had the person talk to my contact at Region 4. Their was yeses and nos back and forth.

Then I checked in yesterday, Region 8 needed me to sign a transfer form. The lady I talked to said to do it this way because it would be the fastest. Well I suggested the way my transfer was completed from Region 5 to Region 4. She wouldn't listen.

So I went back today and had to fill out yet more paperwork and take it over myself to the New York City Department of Education's headquarters in Brooklyn (i.e. three blocks and around the corner from Region 8's offices). There I dropped off paperwork and was told they had not yet received my nomination form in order to complete this process. Me, learning to keep copies of everything, said, "well I have a copy" and Louise (the wonderful lady she is!) said no problem! and made a copy of it for her files.

Well, long story short, I was lied to by Region 4 Human Rescources because my transfer was not complete. I would think transferring between regions in the New York City Department of Education would be a pretty routine thing with paperwork packages already created for to be filled out. But apparently it is not. Thank goodness I had transferred once to another region, because otherwise I would have the false hope of having a job in September yet still run into a bureaucratic glitch.

Such is life in the New York City Department of Education. They love their paperwork!

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