Friday, June 17, 2005

Ringo Starr at Bryant Park

Went out this morning for a 7 A.M. concert at Bryant Park. Who would be playing that would get me out of bed at 6 A.M. for a free concert? None other than one of the "Fab 4's" Ringo Starr.

Ringo Starr was promoting his new album, "Choose Love," on ABC's Good Morning America at Bryant Park as well as reconnecting with American fans. There were groups from Texas, Virginia and Indiana.

Of course I had my camera with me to catch some of the action:

The scene of the Ringo Star concert in Bryant Park for ABC's Good Morning America.

A close up of the Ringo Starr's concert stage.

Ringo Starr at the microphone!

Ringo Starr rocking out to "Yellow Submarine."

Ringo doing the weather with ABC's Tony Perkins.

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