Saturday, June 25, 2005

New York City Photos

New York City

So I have been a little behind in uploading photos to my main website's scrapbook. I apologize. I am now slowly weeding through a folder of some New York City photos deleting some and moving others into my New York City picture collection on my website. It is tedious work, but I am enjoying playing photo editor. Just don't expect much with the primative tools and skills I have, nothing too spectacular.

A lot of the photos will be familiar to you in the New York City section and some won't. That is because I tend to select pictures from the folder of recent photos taken in order to tell about the adventures in this here weblog. Those photos are then left in a folder to be sorted out later. Well, over the next few days "later" will finally happen and my scrapbook of pictures of New York City will be slowly updated! So stay tuned!

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