Thursday, June 02, 2005


No Mom, I am not getting married! Just thought I would clear that up.

Yesterday I received a note in the mail thanking me for my wedding gift from a former university friend. Shaun and I had a great four years at the University of Ottawa as history students. Who can forget the Monday night after class venture to the Elgin Street McDonald's in Ottawa? The same people were there for years both in front of or behind the counter. Great times.

Or perhaps "The Nox" "Toonie Tuesdays" where we would go and get some beers and play some pool. We had one waitress so well tipped that she knew exactly how long we each took to consume a beer. You could set your watch on how long you had to consume that bubbly beverage.

Anyway, back to the marriage. Shaun I wish you well with Steph. She is a good person (at least she returned her fridge clean from what I can remember :) ). Best of luck in the future you two!

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