Thursday, May 12, 2005

A little close to home...

A Backyard Fountain Like None Before - New York Times

So I was reading the New York Times today and pulled out the Metro section. Something caught my eye right away, the words "Richmond Hill, Ontario"

What is going on in Richmond Hill, Ontario that would gain the attention or even a sniff from New York City?

Well apparently an engineering firm's owner's backyard is home to a large model of a water memorial at the World Trad Center Site.

Consider this, one of the most patriotic sites in all of the United States is going to helped along by a Canadian firm. Sounds kinda weird.

Nonetheless, I was very proud that a firm from near a place I once called home could have such an influential impact on the rebuilding of Ground Zero.

NOTE: The article is well worth the subscription to the New York Times Website. Subscription is free.

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