Saturday, May 21, 2005

Frommer pens guide to loos across U.S.

CBC News: Frommer pens guide to loos across U.S.

Wandering again on the internet aimlessly before going to clean the bathroom and came accross this article (really it was a coincidence that I was going to clean the bathroom and this article came up on

I do hope the guide is put out each calendar year and includes the cleanliness of the bathrooms in question. We all know there are some bathrooms out there that are "must go tos" and others that are "I can hold it". What do I mean. Just follow your nose. If your nose skips your brain and says to your feet "run as fast as you can". Just do it.

If on the other hand the nose is not giving you too much trouble, then go in and do your duty. But remember, keep it clean as we don't want the bathroom you found to become a "run as a fast as you can" bathroom.

I also hope the guide does not list any New York City subway stop bathrooms. These are usually locked most of the time or are definately "run as fast as you can" bathrooms. Exceptions do apply though as far as the subway goes, Penn Station and Grand Central station bathrooms are decent for New York public bathrooms. Just skip the Jay Street-Borough Hall Station though. I will leave it like this, if you enter, you have already gone to far.

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