Saturday, April 23, 2005

A televised Saturday Morning in NYC

Went on a bit of an adventure this morning around midtown Manhatten. Woke up at 7:00 A.M. and said to self "Self lets go check out the Today Show". So self got out of bed and took the subway to Times Square-42nd street. Self then noticed "GOOD MORNING AMERICA!" filming at the ABC studios. So self took picture and the rest just went on from there.

Good Morning America! Live from Times Square. If you look closely and if the dumb ass camera guy had of panned two feet to the left, I WOULD HAVE BEEN ON TELEVISION! My fifteen seconds of fame, vanquished!

I continued on up to Rockefeller Center where the following tourist trap erupted before my eyes:

A look at "The Plaza" from the Today Show on NBC. Here is where Al Rocher and the gang do their outside shots. This being the weekend though, big Al wasn't there. So I had to settle for the weekend crew.

A look at Lester Holt (right in the funky suit) and what looks like Campbell Brown (in pink jacket) doing their schtick outside at Rockefeller Center.

There is Janice Huff, the weatherperson for the Today show on the weekend. She is also the WNBC New York's full time weatherperson during the week.

A terrible close up of Janice Huff. She happenned to move as I clicked the picture. JANICE! YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO MOVE! ARGH!

A look across the street at the hubub around the Today Show.

What an adventure!

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