Monday, April 11, 2005

The Cosby Show is actually...

Yesterday (Sunday) I visited 10 St. Luke's Place (a street in southern Manhattan) in search of the Cosby Show house. Above is what The Cosby Show front stoop looks like today. What dastards next door to paint the house white! Yuppers, Cliff's home office, on the show, is actually the next door neighbour's windows.

Another observation: The show is said to be based on a storyline with the Huctable family living in Flatbush, Brooklyn, so whats this stoop doing on St. Luke's Place in Greenwhich Village, Manhatten?

Even funnier is the location of Pete's house accross the street from the actual stoop of the Cosby Show. Pete is the fat friend that Rudy had in the show that always seemed to come over to visit.

Above is the picture of the park accross the street. Apparently Pete lived in the jungle jim with the slide (in front) and has one heck of a public pool in the backyard (cement thingy in the background).

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