Saturday, February 12, 2005

Things I miss...

"I'll start with you..."

I miss loving to hate that Canadian Tire jingle on the radio.

I also miss haranging my sister who works at a "Tire" with that song. You really don't know how annoying that song is until you have to hear it on and off for 8 hours a day.

Good times....good times.


  1. Ah, Michael... hearing the Canadian Tire jingle off and on for eight hours a day is nothing.
    Imagine this...
    You are in a small 5 by 10 room, full of hot equipment, the sun is shining blindingly into the room, and you can't close the shades because they are broken, as is the air conditioner.
    You have someone opening the door every five minutes asking you "Is that Canadian Tire commercial ready yet?"
    And you are trying to read 28 seconds worth of script in the 15 second donut bed (for those of you not in the know thats the part where there is just music and the announcer speaks) and at the same time the words "Camping Gear" for some unknown reason comes out "Camping wear" each time you say it and you have to rewind the tape once again, and listen to the jingle again.. to start to voice the commercial again, and finally half an hour to forty five minutes later... after hearing the jingle easily a hundred times, you finally get the commercial right.
    And you thought it was just hard listening to them on the radio... try being the one who works at the radio station producing them!

  2. I'm not sure I hate it, but I always think of the phrase "don't start with me!" when I hear it.

    I'm not sure this is a invitation or a threat.


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