Monday, February 28, 2005


In New York there is a snowstorm currently moving accross the region. There is an expectation of between 6-12 inches of snow to fall. People are running out purchasing bottled water, snow shovels, road salt and wondering if there will be work tommorrow.

Usually after school there is a hundred minutes of professional development (something weird in the New York Department of Education) that all teachers must attend. Well, because of the snow the Department of Education cancelled it.

I walk outside and most of the snow is falling and melting on the wet pavement. If this had of been Toronto I would have bet that the professional development session would still be on and we would all be suffering through it.

Well, at least I am happy that it was cancelled. You try teaching and preparing six periods a day then having to sit through an hour and bit listening to someone try and show you a new teaching technique that probably won't work with the students.

So at least there is an upside to this if only school was cancelled tommorrow so I could catch up on the marking...

If I was in Canada I would be dreaming....but since I am in the States I guess I do have a little more of a hope!

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