Friday, February 18, 2005

Michael Suddard's Homepage - Michael's Blog

Michael Suddard's Homepage - Michael's Blog

Yup I am mad at my own blog. My profile says I haven't yet updated my blog since October 2004 when I hadn't yet received a pay cheque from the New York City Department of Education. Obviously I have posted SEVERAL entries since then. So what is the hold up?

Get with it and! ARGH!

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  1. It’s a plot to remove Canadian expatriate teachers that live in NYC from the Blog environment, concocted by the NSA in collusion with the Department of Homeland security.

    If you don't update your blog you will be dropped, and they wont let you update it.

    beware the MIB's they are helping the NSA in this plot to prevent the spread of Canadian Ideas into the vulnerable minds of innocent New York children.

    I hear wearing a foil cone on your head will prevent them from being able to read your mind and thus you will better be able to lead the masses of brainwashed NYC children to freedom in Canada.



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