Saturday, January 22, 2005

CBC Ottawa - Fan rebukes NHL from beyond the grave

CBC Ottawa - Fan rebukes NHL from beyond the grave this is has to be haunting for all those involved in the NHL lockout dispute between the players and owners.

I know they have lost at least two tickets from myself. One to Madison Square Gardens to see the New York Rangers and another one to visit the New York Islanders. Nuff said...there are a lot of angry Canadians without hockey.

On another note, here in New York City there is really very little coverage on the NHL lockout. That will only hurt the NHL since it seems the media and, in turn, the fans will slowly forget about the NHL. That can only hurt the NHL since when hockey comes back, most fans will have forgotten to purchase seasons tickets and tickets for early games. Besides, if fans know about a game once hockey does come back, the fans will most likely be angry at the high priced players and refuse to purchase tickets in order to refuse to pay their salaries.

Message to NHL players, a salary cap is a must. Otherwise more NHL Teams will go bankrupt or move (i.e. Winnepeg Jets and Quebec Nordiques). Besides, why should a hockey player be payed 10 times more than a New York City School Teacher?

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