Sunday, August 29, 2004

New York City...the story continues....

Well, I've been in NYC for about three weeks now. The plane ride over was exciting. It was only to take an hour, but a fuel guage on the plane refuesed to work, had to be replaced and the new one didn't work either. So we were hussled off the plane in order so the wonderful people on the tarmac could manually refuel the plane and let us board again. All in all instead of landing a 5:00ish we landed at 8:00 ish at Newark. Gotta love JetsGo!

Following that, another wonderful thing happenned, apparently somebody cut the budget for the two weeks of orientation and house hunting and put us up in the St. George Hotel. The St. George is a hole in the wall student residence being renovated. The hallways were painted on a daily basis and the rooms we occupied were already done so that the washroom doors wouldn't close properly. I've learned one thing about NYC, the painters here aren't to bright.

Not all was bad though, Frank Valvo, our broker, found us a wonderful apartment in Brooklyn Heights near the Brooklyn Bridge and a stunning view of the Manhatten Skyline.

I also cannot wait to start work next week at my school. The principal called the teachers in because she was supposed to be on vacation this past week (from the 15th) but she was still receiving paperwork and furniture for the new school and everything in her office was stacked in cardboard boxes. She is supposed to be able to give tours of the school this coming week to parents, board officials and the like but the school is no where near ready.

But on the good side, she seems like a fairly down to earth person at a great school overlooking Jamaica Bay on the Rockaway Park portion of Queen's. I can feel the sea breezes now wafting through my new classroom/office (they don't know where my room is yet, but it is there somewhere).

More to come on this story. Watch this blog for more info!

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