Monday, August 02, 2004

McDonald's in Aurora.

Should have mentioned this yesterday, but didn't.

I went to McDonald's yesterday for some lunch. Now I know most of you hate McDonald's, but I had a craving for a Big Mac and some fries.

Now lets back up a bit. Burger King in Aurora and Newmarket have closed because of a lack of business or so rumour has it (Upper Canada Mall location is still open). So about a month after or so, McDonald's in Aurora raised their prices by ten to twenty cents. This means that a Big Mac Meal, as advertised everyday except Tuesday (their McDeal day for the Mac), is now more than six dollars in cost ($6.08). They raised there prices on Friday night (so the manager said). I had only six dollars because I was used to the old price of 5.90ish. So you think that the manager would say, no problem we'll give you a deal for today recognizing the price change has increased and next time, please bring the right cost. No that would be too easy.

Instead she says I can have a Mcwhatever burger because it is their "McDeal" meal for Sundays or I can have the Mac with small Coke and small fries. So I took the latter with a feeling this place has a lack of customer service. Did I fill out a customer card? Nope, because I felt that would only reach management who would only rip it up. So I figured a nice little blog entry would get out better. So there you go, carry more money to McDonald's cause who knows when they are going to jack their prices up.

So, I will not be going to McDonald's anymore in Aurora. Probably might even skip them in New York City due to their lack of customer service in this situation. It could have cost them twenty cents in the first place instead of loosing sales. For now, T.C.'s Fish & Burgers in Aurora and Wendy's will be my choice to get a valuable burger eating purpose.

Finally some musings, anybody else notice the burger patties are gettin smaller at MacDonald's everytime you go there? Also, why is the price going up considering the price of beef Canadian farmers are receiving is going down?

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