Thursday, July 22, 2004

Fulcrum "brews keg of trouble"

The Fulcrum Website

Hmmm....seems the SFUO wants to have a politically correct Frosh week.

Seems to me the politically correct have gone to far this time. Frosh week has been a right of passage for many a first year university student. Everything from dying yourself purple at the University of Toronto to walking sloshed accross the front of Parliament Hill while covered in various raunch condiments (e.g. mustard, ketchup, etc.) and yelling obsenities at the University of Ottawa. Seems to me everyone I saw of those poor engineers were having fun.

But the politically correct SFUO at Ottawa U says, according to the Fulcrum,:

"In previous years, the school’s introductory week has been known as 'Frosh Week'. This name, according to Justin Tudor 101 Week Logistics coordinator, is associated with inappropriate hazing and initiation rituals.

'We don’t want our event associated with those ideas. People have a preconceived idea of the word ‘frosh’ and if we can work away from their notions of that, all the better,” said Tudor."

Right, the word frosh is synonamous with hazing, so we must change that, no running around Parliament Hill while being soaked in various food products. A big exneh on that eh.

This policitically correctness didn't stop there, according to the Fulcrum's editorial:

"The 101 Week coordinator told the Fulcrum there would be “consequences” for underage students caught drinking during Frosh Week."

Hmmmmmmm....seems to me Here’s the reality check:

Lets see, some first year underager gets there hands around a couple beers and passes out with alchohol poisoning. His/her friends know he/she is underage and does not want to tell the leaders because it will get the underager in a heap o' doggie do do. What to do? You are new to the city and don't know the first thing about are totally lost, possibly in Quebec surrounded by a bunch of drunken people. What to do? If I was the drunkert's parents and heard about this and also heard the SFUO responsible people refused to help, I would have my Bay Street lawyer in court to sue their asses for all their worth.

Finally, the fun doesn't end there. When the summer edition of the Fulcrum was published and distributed, the SFUO thought of having the issue pulled because,..........OH YOU WILL LOVE THIS!.............................there was a picture of a beer on the front page and because the paper called frosh week "frosh week".

Seems to me these politically correct people need their heads examined. Glad I graduated and left there, because it seems the SFUO is going downhill pretty fast!

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