Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Going back down to Coldex tommorrow. Should be fun, they want me to fix up their website so that it works for some reason. Apparently their CGI bin or whatever the heck is not working (great, some programming that is completely beyond me that I have to bs my way through...sounds fun).

They also want delivery schedule uploaded and completed and whatver the heck else like the competitors. Seems to me they just want to be like the "Joneses."

And to think I left the company on good terms (left for school at York after being a good rep at Ottawa U) with a decent looking websit that was working perfectly and was easy to change and upload (I used MS Publisher to make it simple enough for them!).

Why does this stuff always come up during their busy times and needs to be done pronto? hmmmm...I will never know.

Well, at least I get to see some of my former co-workers again. There's always a plus. Enough ranting and time to get back to work.....

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