Friday, July 30, 2004

Coldex website continued.... plus other musings

yup...didn't post yesterday...I know you were all dissapointed...but after staring at html code for hours on end, I started going blind.

The updates to that website haven't gone live yet and won't until they have been approved by the owner.

Today I had breakfast at the Galaxy Diner in Aurora with a good former co-worker from my days at the church. The food was good, and so was catching up on things since I resigned my position.

I also complimented him on the Faith and Arts presentation at last weeks church service. He inquired about why I liked the presentation so much. I guess it must be because this was the first summer in 8-10 years where I haven't been involved in municipal day camp in some way. So if your a former camp counsellor that used to work with me...I miss those times and the fun we had.

Not wanting to end things on a sentimental note, I look forward to the new friends and colleagues I am going to meet when travelling to New York while remembering those I have met in my time in Aurora, Ottawa and wherever else I have been. But I also look forward to thought of living in one of the most biggest cities in North America (including Mexico) as well as taking advantage of the rich cultural museums and open space that New York City has to offer (i.e. beaches and Central Park) as well as simply walking down Broadway and through Times Square to see what is going on. All in all, I look forward to taking a bite out of the Biggest Apple I know....

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