Saturday, November 12, 2011

Find me on Twitter!

I just cracked and started a Twitter Account.  I have found that there are lots of deals out there if you follow companies, people and other unmentionable things on Twitter. 
What am I going to be doing on Twitter?  What am I going to be doing with Twitter?  I have no idea yet, I can barely keep up with blogging here on a regular basis.  But with 140 Characters limit?  Who knows!

Follow me to find out what adventures I have with this new to me social medium!


  1. Following a company on Twitter or friending them on Facebook is what those companies want. It's a cheap and direct way to market their wares onto the public. It's like everything else on the net. At first, it's a new method of people exchanging ideas and communicating. ('cuz telephones are passe) But once big businesses get involved, it takes away the quaintness of it all.

    But that's just my opinion.

  2. I cracked long time ago Michael, and I still don't see the point ... Anna :)


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